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me aparece F1 en la pantalla

20/6/2013 09:59PM
Buena tarde tengo un problema con una lavadora Mabe Aqua Saver modelo LMH19589ZKPB el problema comenso con fuga de agua se cambio poste de la transmision, cojinetes y sello y cuando se probo llena empieza a lavar y luego aparece f1 en el tablero les agradeceria si alguien me puede orientar si es la tarjeta o algo mas gracias
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21/6/2013 07:49PM
como me imagine esta pagina es para patos (tontos) solo solucionar problemas sencillos sirve mejor busco ayuda profecional
21/6/2013 09:07PM
Good evening Mr. Maro Aguilar.

I am very sorry I could not read carefully de name of the washing machine you wrote in your text.

I was doing some exercising using a mirror in front of the monitor. When I read that name, I was looking in the internet an information on the bases of the following name:

oledom revas auqa ebam

and I did not get any information about it at all. So, I decided to turn the computer off and take a rest.

Twenty two hours later, when I turned the computer on, I found out that the name of this washing machine was to be Mabe Aqua Saver model. Oh my goodness!
That mirror had a very poor quality to understand the spanish words.!!

Never thereless, I found out that the fault error code F1 is related to the Hall sensor.

Therefore, you have to look to the main motor in order to find that Hall sensor out.

Probably it is being damaged and you wil have to replece it.

Also take at look to the magnetic field. If this element is not in the right place or it is broken, you should changed it as well.

Do you know if a duck can read any spanish text? I do not think so! What do you think about it?

Do you understand any english? I hope so, in order to solve your problem. Unless you look forward to findding a technical person to do the job.

Good luck and you do not forget to evaluate this information.

Thank you and best regards.
btvíctor 10.51K